Can we all agree that house prices are just silly?

So it’s the 26th May 2022, and energy prices are through the roof. Basic commodity prices are through the roof. All-the-things prices are through the roof…

And the cost of buying a house (in the UK) is not just through the roof, it went through the roof a decade ago and now it’s approaching low Earth orbit.

Would it be silly to suggest that houses ought to be cheaper?

I know that this is contentious. Estate agents will not be happy. People who’ve recently bought a house will not be happy. Property developers will not be happy.


The vast majority of people who need to balance their budgets, manage a family income and just get by… they might be happy.

It’s got to the point where there’s literally no hope that anyone with a ‘normal’ job, anywhere in the UK can afford to buy a house, so perhaps they need to be cheaper.

The market will not allow this, and I certainly have no magic lever to pull, but, honestly, do we all need to spend so much of our income on purchasing bricks and mortar?

Perhaps market forces have not served the best interests of the many, but the wallets of the few? Or maybe it’s working out well for people who bought houses a while ago, but crippling the chances of the young.