Sometimes, (always?) time is the answer.

I know that this will come as no surprise to anyone, but I’m amazed at how often I forget the simple fact that time will always add some perspective to situations / thoughts / ideas which I’m not happy about.

Time will add a level of calm and understanding to almost everything decision you have to make, and thought that you have.

What seems impossible to take in, will be possible to take in once enough time has passed.

That disappointment that you’re sure you will never get over, will be easy to cope with once enough time has passed.

The anger that you feel about something will be eroded and fade away once enough time has passed.

Why we’re seemingly hard wired to forget this miracle of time is a mystery to me.

Just today, something happened that I did not want to happen. I was not at peace with it. A mere twelve hours later, I’m already starting to see that it’s not the apocalyptic event that I thought it was earlier.

Some things are fixed by time quickly. Other things take more time.

But time does seem to fix all things which have a fix, in the end.