My Facebook account got suspended

So just now, my Facebook account got suspended. Weird.

I was not doing anything, was not even near a computer and none of the devices that I own have Facebook installed.

I got this email:

Facebook error image 1

When I clicked on the only link in that email I got this:

Facebook error image 2

As you can see, all very satisfying and nothing weird about that!

I’m 99.9% sure that I’ve violated no guidelines as I’m about as benign on the internet as it’s possible to be, but you never know!

Anyway, it’s promoting me once again to consider the use of Mastodon over every-other-app as my go-to social account. So follow me on Mastodon please.


A day after the suspension, my account was restored. I’m not sure what the red flag was, but it appears that a human checked my account and saw “that is was good” (as they say in the Bible). So I’m back, but feeling a little wounded and much less likely to trust Facebook with all that I had prior to this!